Our main services are expertises and expert opinions for the court, which we perform in the full scope of the automotive field. IDexpert team is made of car experts with the specialties:

  1. Vehicle technology;
  2. Road traffic, accident and collision reconstruction;
  3. Cost valuation of vehicles, modules and components and cost valuation and quality assessment of repairs;
  4. Exploitation, repair and technical state evaluation of the fleet and communication equipment:
    • Passenger vehicles;
    • Special equipment;
  5. Road traffic safety;
  6. Electronics and electrical technology in vehicles, machines and devices.

Big part of our opinions are opinions in terms of road traffic and accident and collision reconstruction. Thanks to the Event Data Recording (EDR) technology we are able to obtain detailed information about the vehicle's behaviour from before the collision.

We developed methods for reading cars that others are not able to read (because original diagnostic tools do not allow it directly), e.g. Jaguar, Jeep, Mercedes, BMW, Audi.

Because of our experience and trust we have already earned in the industry, our services are eagerly used by insurance companies, the police, prosecutor's offices, courts and border guards, for whom we check if the incident involved an insurance fraud attempt, determine the real course of the accident or recover the true history of the vehicle.

Outside of our core activities we also perform other specialistic services:

Examinations of burned cars

Acts of vandalism examinations

Cost estimation of after-crash repairs

Examinations of cars before buying

Vehicle cost estimation

Analysis of data from car keys

Detecting incorrect repairs of vehicles

Examinations of workshop damage

Computer simulations of collisions

Examinations of cars after component theft

Expert level training courses in any topic in the automotive field. IDexpert network consists of the best industry experts from Poland and abroad

Analysis of personal damage resulting from road accidents and collisions

Preparation of laboratories for accreditation

Spectrophotometric tests

Spectrometer repair

Tests of operating fluids

Market research and analysis

Translation of technical documents